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Michael Waltrip Racing May Be on the Verge of Extinction

Times are tough. Message reports broadcast us that every day. On the corporate side of NASCAR, one prominent relay band is boosting its fortunes after dotage of decline, while another is reported to be on the downside, and sliding.

NASCAR Competition Version - Rusty Wallace

Russell William Wallace AKA "Rusty" is a story and prizewinner who has left his site on the globe of NASCAR. He is eighth on the all-time success data with his 55 series wins. Before joining the NASCAR circuit, in the 1970's he became avowed sorrounding the Midwest for winning augmented than 200 short track races.

Miniature Enterprises Can Last of all Compete Again

It became evident that another than a late contemplation was needed. Tiny Enterprises had already moved from its contemporary site-in Commensurate Cross, N.C., starting as Protection Small Engineering in 1949-which was a ace 60 miles from other relay teams.

NASCAR Pursuit Chronicle - Lesser Johnson

Robert Glen Johnson, Jr. AKA "Junior Johnson" was one of the early superstars of NASCAR in the '50s and '60s and a legendary moonshiner. He was born in the resident of Ingle Hollow, near Wilkesboro, NC in 1931 and grew up helping his daddy race "shine in the bootleg cash of America, Wilkes County, NC.

NASCAR Competition Chronicle - Jim Paschal

Jim Paschal, a chicken farmer from Gigantic Point, NC, was one of NASCAR's early drivers in the "50"s and "60's. When he joined the American Motors racing team, he came with a designation for bountiful things.

Why is Valley Earnhardt Jr So Popular?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is inheritor to the greatest racing family in history. But, he's all the more else than equitable a storied name. He is too NASCAR's most universal driver, he brings in the most revenue, and he sells aggrandized fan gear than any other driver.

Secondary Looks Close a Mug Owner in '09

After saying it would never happen, Valley Earnhardt Jr. is looking at stirring JR Motorsports, his Nationwide Series chase team, to the ensuing consistent in 2009. The motive is the still-called Vehivle of Tomorrow, which is scheduled to fall in the second-tier series unabridged chronology following season.

Humpy Wheeler Leaves Fully a Legacy

For years, competition fans carry heard promoter H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler's cut on everything concerned with NASCAR-from automobile and accoutrement changes to venue expansions, controversial decisions, non-native racers, principle revisions, escaped finishes, feuds and fights.

Bruton Smith Defies NASCAR Again - Is There Another Inventory Automobile Series in the Works?

What the France family doesn't own in NASCAR, Charlotte billionaire O. Bruton Smith does. That's the insight between affair rivals involved in the alike industry. Of the 22 tracks NASCAR uses, all on the other hand three are owned by either the France's International Speedway Corp.

Here Comes Jimmie - The 48 Ain't Done All the more

Only one chauffeur has won three consecutive championships at NASCAR's highest level, Cale Yarborough from 1976 - '78. In spite of his worst dawn in that entering the series abundant eternity in 2002, a three-peat is even credible for the 21st century's top driver entering 2008.

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